Public appointments

One excellent way of developing a range of skills and experience that can help women in their career is to join the board of a Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB). There are over 1000 public bodies in Britain and the government is keen to improve the gender balance of their boards. Clearly, it is very important that women are fairly represented on these boards so that policy decisions taken and advice given to the government fairly reflects the views of women as well as men.

There is a wide variety of NDPBs working across all sectors of science, engineering and technology. Some make decisions, control budgets, and recommend policy, while others primarily give advice. Some work at very senior, national levels and others have more local or specific remits.

  • Serving on the board of a NDPB can bring the following benefits:
  • It can help develop and demonstrate a range of managerial skills, such as processing information, decision-making, developing and implementing strategy.
  • It can help you make new contacts.
  • It can provide a new interest and outlet for skills and knowledge you already possess.
  • It enables you to influence decisions and policy in an area of interest.