Mission and vision

The mission of the UKRC is to improve significantly the participation and position of women in SET occupations in industry, research, academia and the public services, to benefit the future productivity of the UK and the lifetime earnings and career aspirations of women’  
To deliver on this, we aim to:
  • provide a centre of excellence, accessible to the whole of the UK, for government, employers, research councils, educators, careers professionals, the media and women seeking information, data, advice and best practice solutions regarding entry, retention and advancement practices for women in science, engineering and technology
  • promote science, engineering and technology as viable and attractive career options for women
  • influence, advise and embed equality practices into organisations to enhance the career opportunities for women in the science, engineering and technology professions and  routes into these careers
  • deliver and promote services to support women’s entry, return and progression in SET learning and employment and foster women’s engagement and participation – focussing on key life and career transition stages.
  • reduce fragmentation and reinvention of UK gender and SET activities and support women in SET organisations and networks.
Our vision: by 2030 we will have an environment in UK SET employment, research and policy making, in which women contribute to, participate in and share the benefit equally to their male counterparts.’
This long-term vision can only be achieved if all stakeholders within science, engineering and technology take the necessary action to make it happen.