What we do

The UKRC provides advice on gender equality policy and practice for employers in industry and academia and has a range of products and services to help employers implement change. We run accreditation and award schemes to recognise and share best practice. Employers in industry will find more information in our employer section. Higher education institutions should see our education pages.

The UKRC provides practical advice, training, grants, bursaries, mentoring and networking for women looking to enter into SET employment or education, to return after a career break or for those already in the sector to progress their careers. For more information, see our section for women and girls. We also work to raise the profile of women in science, engineering and technology and specifically to increase the number of women members on public bodies within these sectors.

The UKRC provides bespoke gender equality advice and services to other organisations that impact on women’s participation in SET education and employment, such as:

  • professional institutes
  • research councils
  • careers professionals
  • lecturers in further education
  • lecturers in higher education
  • teachers
  • STEM enrichment professionals.